Circular knives and differents knives blocks
Pneumatic shear cutting systems
Circular and bottom knives
Pneumatic score cutting systems
Knife holders for embossing and knurls for toilet paper
Contrast rolls and sleeves
Strip cutting systems
Serrated blades
Technical suggestions for longitudinal cutting
Hot cutting group

  Multi Bottom Knives   Various circular knives   Various circular knives
  Technical specifications for longitudinal cutting        
  DS 031 Specifications
Conical shaped knives

Available in the following kinds of steel:
- 100 CR6 (DIN W.1.2067)
- K 110 (DIN W.1.2379)
tempera duration: 57-59 Hrc
  DS 032 Specifications
Mechanical knife holder
with free locking
  DS 033 Specifications
Mechanical knife holder

with eccentric ring locking (self-centring).
  DS 034 Specifications
Multi "ST" free locking bottom knife
with 1 cutter
  DS 035 Specifications
Multi bottom knife

with 2 "DT" cutters
  DS 037 Specifications
Pneumatic CPT knife holder
  The knife holders can be easily dismantled from the bar and this allows for the fast substitution of the circular blade. In order to adjust other cutting widths, you need to use suitable templates. The knife holder's operating pressure is 4-6 bar. The maximum pressure is 10 bar. The angle and cutting pressure must be suited to the type and thickness of the material to be cut and are fundamental for a perfect cut.

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